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Capturing the spirit of your business with photography, videography and graphic design.

It's not just about the product and brand, but the people behind the magic that matter.

At Colbear Digital Agency, our creative team are here to help plan, create and share the perfect content.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, you don’t have to fit in to a certain criteria to fit with us. We work with all business that are passionate about showing up online. Getting the job done with no BS, and having fun along the way.

Capturing the spirit of your business can be hard, especially when you don’t know where to start. From location and products, to services and people, our team will work with you to capture exactly what you need. So whether it’s promotional videos, product photography, team images or digital design for brands and logos, we’re here to help!

Product Photography

We bring your products to life. In order to encourage people to buy, you need to make sure what you are selling looks as good as it can.

Promotional Videos

We film and edit video content that not only showcases your products but captures the spirit of your brand in action, perfect for us in eCommerce and social media.

Digital Graphic Design

Looking for something to make you stand out? We can help you by creating attention grabbing graphics for you and your team. Static, animated, 3-D and interactive pages – we can do it all!

Website & Social Media

Recording and editing content that will grab the attention of your audience. Designed for use on websites and social platforms.
90% of websites with professional creatives are more likely to convert leads.

Brand & Logo Creation

Be bold. Be branded.
We work with clients to design a single logo, top-level and child logos or a family of logo designs, along with brand guideline documents to help you get started. Rebranding? No problem!

Capturing the moment

Media days allow you to spend a full day with our Creative Team to capture long and short form content – we capture the moments that really matter.

Be bold. Be branded. Be you.

It’s time to stop blending in with the crowd. Stand out as a leader in your field. Be you. Be different from all of the others. Make it clear that you are the best. Get your story across in simple terms that resonate. Be remembered. Let your content do the talking before you have to.

Market yourself with ease, connect with your ideal customers and feel confident about showing up and taking up your space online.

We combine marketing experience, professional kit, technical know-how, fun and laughter, and sprinkle all of that with our creative magic.

What ever it is you need to convey, we’ll get into the bones of your business, put our feet in the shoes of your customers and tell the story of your brand. Helping you convey what makes you unique in your space.

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