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About Us

Colbear, your local digital agency in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.

About Colbear Digital Agency

Colbear Digital Agency are a Roscrea, County Tipperary based, five-star rated full service digital agency that provides a range of digital marketing services including Web Design, eCommerce, Videography, Photography, Social Media Marketing, SEO and PPC.

We exist so that brands who prioritise their values, relationships and social and environmental impact have a legitimate, high performing digital agency of choice to partner with.

Led by our Team Manager James, we aim to help our local (and national) community expand so they can continue to help build a better, sustainable future by influencing, supporting and delivering for business success.

Our culture is our foundation and that’s why we take care to make sure everything we do is exactly what the client wants or needs. 

We actively work with our local community and other businesses to promote their services and ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Your success is our success, and we can’t win without you!

What we do

Colbear is a full-service design and marketing agency. We offer branding and graphic design; inbound marketing; website design, development and hosting; videography and photography; as well as PR and content writing.

We understand that every business is different and work closely with our clients to understand who their target market is and how we can help them implement an digital marketing strategy that drives potential customers to their website and encourages enquiries.

Our team has experience in working on a wide range of projects, from small art working jobs and brochure sites, to larger projects encompassing branding, eCommerce, hosting and social campaigning. 

While we have a small team, we are very diverse in background and skill, so there is always someone at hand to help you with whatever you need!

Ready to carve out your niche and build your business?

Ready to carve out your niche and build a future-ready business? Our experienced team of Shopify experts knows how to bring your plans to life.